Vision and Mission



We at St Joseph’s believe that we can provide a faith-filled, caring environment where each child is given the best opportunities to grow and develop, while striving for excellence in all areas of learning and building meaningful relationships with Jesus Christ and each other.



In partnership with the family, parish and community, the staff of St Joseph’s Catholic School will provide all students with the opportunities to succeed and reach their full potential through a culture of high expectations. Authentic relationships and positive attitudes will foster the emotional well-being of students and staff. We are therefore committed to:



  • A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST – Each child will be encouraged to develop a special, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • A SHARED MINISTRY – Parents, school and parish work in partnership as a shared ministry to engender and affirm the Catholic Faith according to the appropriate level of the child’s faith development.
  • A FAITH COMMUNITY – Children will be valued, active members of a spirit-filled faith community. This encompasses the initiation and immersion into the Sacramental life of the church, rich liturgical experiences and frequent opportunities for prayer.
  • WITNESS TO FAITH – As Christians we will develop a sense of responsibility to actively witness and share our faith, particularly in the fostering of Gospel values in the wider community.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – By developing an awareness of the value of God’s creation, we will foster a responsible, balanced attitude towards the community and the environment.



  • FULL POTENTIAL – Children will be encouraged to realise their full potential. This should be achieved in an atmosphere that values excellence in all areas of endeavour, recognises individual levels of development and equips children with the skills to cope with the future.
  • SELF DISCIPLINE – The individual development of self-discipline will occur in a Christian environment which fosters self-direction and free will.



  • SELF ESTEEM – Fostering self esteem is essential for the cognitive development and education of the ‘whole person’. Children need to grow as valued members of the school community.
  • INDEPENDENCE – Children will be given opportunities and encouraged to develop their feelings, goals and ideas in a spirit of care and cooperation with their peers.